• centrali oleodinamiche
  • minicentraline
  • cilindri oleodinamici
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  • manutenzione
Design, supply and technical support
of hydraulic compact mini power packs.

Sirio 200 è l’innovativa macchina, studiata appositamente dal nostro team, per venire incontro alle necessità dei costruttori di cilindri, che, come noi, ritengono la qualità della produzione...

Ciemme Hydraulic, is a leader in the market and stand out in the field of the hydraulic system:
- in personal assessment and design, of power pack and mini power pack;
- in the manufacture of jointed pipes;
- in the provision of spare parts.
Proposing you with a high quality service coupled with the best industry articles and technologies.

Aeroquip, Eaton Vickers, Duplomatic, Tognella, Fluidpress, Fox, For, are just a part of our partners with whom we cooperate and who recognize us with high levels of expertise in the study of custom design:
- power stations and mini-hydraulic power stations;
- hydraulic cylinders;
- piping machine edge.

The constant search for improvement, responsiveness in pre and post sales and the search for innovative solutions are the pillars that drive our daily actions and have allowed us to to receive remarkable satisfaction in the market.

Ciemme Hydraulic belongs to a team of three different companies all involved in hydraulic and in design and production of automatic car parking.